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"Please read this before purchasing a firearm." Docsgunsandammo.Com will transfer ownership of any firearm ONLY to individuals or agencies in possession of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) that we have on file. This means we cannot ship directly to you (unless you have an FFL). If we do not have your FFL dealer's license on file please have your FFL dealer email a copy of their FFL license to
Or they can mail it to:
Doc's Guns & Ammo
Attn: FFL License
600 Stockell Drive
Eureka, MO 63025
Once we have the FFL's signed copy and verified on file we will ship your firearm to them. If you cannot find a FFL License holder you can email us at and we will be able to help with that. Normal fees for this process charged by the receiving FFL usually range from $20 to $50. These fees are your responsibility and must be paid at the time you pick up your firearm. The FFL will be required to complete all the neccessary paperwork (Form 4473) along with the background check. Please make sure that you can legally purchase a firearm before you complete this transaction. Once we ship a firearm it is considered a used firearm whether or not it has been fired and therefore cannot be returned as new. Please see our firearm return policy.